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Top Attractions of Kenya: Aberdare National Park

15 Jan 15 - 22:25

Enclosed by the wild and delightful moorlands of the third most astounding mountain range in Kenya, this amusing park offers a fog wreathed land where elephants wander through lichen hung forests, stupendous waterfalls plunge into beautiful pools, and trout filled steams course through overgrown dells. A heavenly place for fishers and solitude lovers, it additionally offers supreme perspectives of the sparkling coronet of Mount Kenya and the shining pools of the Great Rift Valley. 
Great Rift Valley

Aberdare National Park was made in 1950 to ensure the protection of wildlife on the forested mountain inclines and moors. The area of park is just 767 sqkm, but rises to an amazing height of 13,000 feet at the 2 highest peaks (Lesatima and Kinangop). Aberdare is an isolated volcanic range and the scenes at here are just excellent. This zone has one of the densest centralizations of various wild lives in Kenya. You will come across elephants in the forests without any doubt, and look out for buffalo, bushbuck, giant forest hogs, African wild cats, red duiker, black colobus monkeys and baboons. In the event that you are exceptionally fortunate, you may look a dark panther. Over the rainforest, you enter a cinch of bamboo forest which is the most loved spot of the Bongo, an exceptionally rare forest antelope. This is the ideal setting to stop off for a cookout or a spot of fishing. In the fields, you can see eland, serval cats and famous black rhino. Birdlife is also superb at here. You can see over 250 species of bird species at here sunbirds like the emerald-green Malachite sunbird, game birds such as Montane Francoliin, water birds like the black headed heron and birds of prey like the African gold-headed falcon. 
Aberdare National Park

Game driving or climbing are the most ideal ways to see the natural life in Aberdare National Park. The super cold streams are abounding with trout and provide incredible fishing option. There are a few high, falling waterfalls – Chania, Karuru and Maragua Falls - all are stunningly excellent. Karuru is an amazing sight, falling in 3 steps that aggregate 273m! Don't pass up a major opportunity for a climb to the Kimanthi Hideout, which is also called as the Queen's Cave. Although this place is a year-round destination for your visit but January, February and June to September are the most appropriate to visit here. Avoid March to May, because they are the heaviest rain fall months at here.
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