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Excellent Safari Tour Options Available In Aberdare National Park

05 May 15 - 00:54

Aberdare National Park: - A Perfect Safari Destination In Kenya
The Aberdare national park was established in 1950 for the preservation of wildlife in the forested mountain slopes. The area of the small park is approximately 767 SqKm. However, Aberdare is an isolated volcanic range with spectacular, mysterious landscapes and a scenic blend of rugged terrains. During your safari tour to Aberdare National Park, you will cross the misty forested slopes, cascading waterfalls, sparkling trout streams, alpine moorland and deep ravines. You will even get to see the thriving wild animals, including the large mammals, bird species and fishes in the protected park area.

Amazing Highlights Of Aberdare National Park
Incredible Wildlife

The rainforest of the Aberdare National Park consists of a hundred foot waterfalls which have cascaded down to the vertical rock surfaces. This park has a huge concentration of wildlife throughout Kenya. A safari tour to Aberdare National Park with Easy Go Safaris can let you a chance to see the elephants, buffalos, baboons, black colobus monkeys, African wild cats, elusive black leopard, rare species of forest antelope and many more water bird species like black-headed heron and African gold-headed eagle.


Aberdare National Park

Excellent Activities To Enjoy
Game drive and hiking are the best ways to trace the wild animals in the Aberdare National Park. Even, spending a night in one of the forest lodges for game-viewing purposes during night time can be an outstanding addition to your safari tour to Aberdare National Park. Well, don’t miss out to go for a bird watching, butterfly spotting or climbing up tour to the peak of Aberdare.

If you need an opportunity to witness the large mammals like hyenas, rhinos, leopards with your naked eyes, then we can offer you the comfy accommodation facility at the Treetops Hotel, Fishing Lodge, The Aberdare Country Club and many more options in the park. Even, our tour operators will provide camping facilities in public campsites like Reedbuck, Ruhuruini, Wandare, Shamata to let you enjoy your safari tour to Aberdare National Park to the fullest.



Perfect Time To Visit
Although Aberdare National Park is a year-round destination, but the driest months like January, February, June to September are the best time to visit there. One more thing, you should avoid going in March to May due to the heavy rainfall in the park area.

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