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Safety Precautions to Be Taken Before Visiting Africa

Every country has its issues and travel warnings for visitors. If you think, you are completely prepared to visit another country just by reading its famous destinations then you are wrong and may face several problems during your journey. Every year millions of tourists visit Africa to enjoy nature’s true beauty and its wildlife. Most of the journeys are trouble-free, but you should know all the safety tips and precautions to avoid unwanted dangers which may completely ruin your vacation. This blog is concerned about these safety precautions for your acknowledgement and safety.




1.    Hire a well experienced guide and a renowned local tour operator to assist you throughout your journey days.


2.    Don’t forget to buy a travel and health insurance and check all your activities on your trip are covered or not.


3.    Take all the required vaccinations, malaria medication and insect repellant. Anti-malaria medication is a must for you. Consult with your doctor regarding this. Wear long-sleeved shirts and jeans during your journey to prevent mosquito bites. Mosquito repellant cream is also a good option. In Africa, chances of Malaria and Dengue are very high. Yellow fever is also a great threat.  Be sure of the country you will be travelling to as these disease vary from country to country therefore we advise for proper prevention.


4.    Always keep a photocopy of your passport, VISA or any other legal document with you.


5.    Only keep small amount of cash with you, which you going to required for buying foods or any other urgent necessities. Always try to pay by credit cards or traveler’s cheques.


6.    Keep your luggage and other costly items always in your eye distance. It is good to keep them inside your hotel room.


7.    During the game viewing and safari tours, always follow your guide’s instruction and stay close to your group and instructor.


8.    Never means Never ever tease or feed any wild animal; this may cause an unpredictable dangerous situation.


9.    Africa is the home of number potentially dangerous crawlies like snakes, spiders, scorpions and other insects. So it is recommended to wear hunter or fully enclosed walking shoes, long trousers and full sleeved dresses before you go for a walk in jungle.


African Jungle


Africa is a heaven filled with most stunning wildlife scenes. But it will be a wise decision to take all the exact safety precautions to enjoy this land of magnificence. At Easy Go Safaris, we offer experienced specialist tour operators for different African countries, i.e. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Our service also includes safari car hire and camping options inside it. Feel free to call us at +254 20 2444914 for further details.

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